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BAIN is committed to a sustainable and healthy growth in its latest Sustainability Report

Thus, it presents in its Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019-2020 published by the Group where it explains not only what is being done, but also where we want to get into sustainability in the coming years.

The company reports on the actions that have been carried out in this last exercise in terms of sustainability, commitment to workers and improvements in the environmental and energy management of the company. Among the outstanding projects that mark the Group’s growth strategy is the advancement in the certification of its farms with the international standard of good agricultural practices (Global GAP), projects to promote biodiversity in its plantations, obtaining a product with zero residue of pesticides or examples of circular economy, among others.

The Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, developed with the results of the dialogue with its stakeholders, is based  on 3 main areas of work: Responsible Agriculture, Committed People and Healthy and Sustainable Products. Through these three pillars we work with different lines to achieve a single goal, offer healthy  eating, contributing to sustainable development and creating shared value for all stakeholders.

“More than ever, we need to focus our efforts on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and integrating new guidelines such as the European Green Deal, promoting a sustainable, inclusive and sustained long-term model that addresses and provides solutions to major global problems such as the management and efficient use of natural resources, the promotion of healthy living, food waste or the consequences of climate change.”

It also explains the advances in the commitment to innovation, ecological and proximity products, as well as the integration of renewable energies and optimization of industrial processes to achieve greater efficiency in your facilities.

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