Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts is a market leader in marketing almonds and other nuts. Some of the products we offer come from our own plantations, with a major presence in California and Spain.
Since 1957 we have exported a wide range of products in the following business lines:


  • Processing for industrial uses: the best products at a semi-industrial scale for industries and sectors that use our products as ingredients in their processes.

Our service is characterised by our close ties close ties with each and every one of our customers in order to understand their needs in full and adapt to local standards and specifications in countries all over the world.

We offer the following strengths and guarantees:


Guaranteed regular supply all year round.

Strength Clearly defined, standardised specifications for each product.

Strength Advice for sourcing and selecting the best alternative raw materials in accordance with the needs of each product.

Strength Degrees of selection in accordance with different criteria: weight (units by weight), calibre by diameter, calibre by length, calibre by thickness.


Value for money to ensure a competitive edge.

StrengthProduction capacities that match the standards demanded by the food industry: HACCP, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, IFS, BRC.


Immediate response to changes in demand.