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Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts (BAIN) is already a “Zero Waste” company

  • With Borges nuts division receiving this certification, the group now has its main production centers accredited with the highest level of commitment to waste management.
  • A few months ago, the main centers of Borges International Group’s oils division were also accredited as Zero Waste.

Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts (BAIN), head company of the nuts division of Borges International Group, has obtained the Zero Waste Management certificate for its industrial plants located in Reus. This certificate, which is governed by Bureau Veritas standards, confirms that the waste generated is treated through responsible methods such as recovery, recycling or valorization, promoting a circular model and avoiding disposal in landfills.

In this way, the group’s nuts division joins the production centers of the oils division, which were accredited a few months ago with Zero Waste certification, in the case of Borges Agricultural & Industrial Edible Oils (BAIEO) with 95% of waste revalued, and 99% in Capricho Andaluz.

With this certification, and thanks to the evaluation of the control and monitoring of waste from the Reus plants, BAIN has been recognized as a company committed to minimizing environmental impact and sustainability, promoting recovery, recycling and reuse of the waste it generates.

The results obtained by BAIN in its waste management analysis have reached a level of ‘Excellent Commitment’ in the case of BAIN-B1 center (dedicated to processing and packaging of nuts), certifying that the alternative management to landfill is higher than 95%, specifically in 96.6% of the waste, and a level of ‘Advanced Commitment’ in BAIN-B2 center (dedicated exclusively to almond’s production), where the alternative management rate reaches 85%.

In addition, the audit also reviewed the waste control and monitoring systems and the evidence of waste management, verifying the traceability of the waste to its final destination.

In view of this scenario, the future objective of Borges International Group is to maintain these levels and work to increase them in those aspects where there is room for improvement.

Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts (BAIN) obtiene el certificado de gestión Residuo Cero


Borges firmly committed to sustainability

Borges is committed to an economic model aimed at preserving the value of resources for as long as possible, creating a regenerative, circular and closed scheme. Following this method, the company works to ensure the recycling of maximum number of wastes, which is the reason why it has been able to obtain the Zero Waste Management certificate.

Obtaining this seal at Borges main production centers is an important milestone in the company’s sustainability strategy, which is framed under the concept “Committed by Nature”. This involves prioritizing the use of recyclable materials in packaging, reducing the consumption of plastics through lighter packaging, and using recycled material to ensure more sustainable consumption and production methods. All this under the overall premise of promoting care for health and for the planet.

Optimal waste management provides great environmental benefits, maximizing the value and use of raw materials, energy savings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In this sense, Borges commitment to waste management contributes to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the 2030 Agenda, specifically SDG 12 (Responsible Production and Consumption) and SDG 13 (Climate Action).