Corporate social responsibility

Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts is a company committed to sustainable development through the production of foods that actively promote social well-being, environmental balance and economic progress. The main objective of the Group is to minimize our environmental impact throughout our value chain and generate a sustainable business that contributes to guaranteeing sustainable consumption and production modalities, also promoting corporate citizen responsibility so that  companies can be part of the solution to the challenges of globalization and achieve a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

To achieve it, these are our main areas of action:

Sustainable Agriculture

We encourage sustainable development throughout the supply chain.

Committed People

We are committed to our people, the communities where we work and the world we inhabit.

Healthy and sustainable products

We offer a healthy and sustainable food promoting a healthy lifestyle through the consumption of our products.

Corporate Social Responsability Report

In our Corporate Social Responsibility Report you can find more detail about our commitment to the environment and to the communities where we carry out our activity.


For checking the actual report and others, click on :

Report 2022-23

Report 2021-22

Report 2020-21

Report 2019-20

Report 2018-19

Report 2017-18

Report 2016-17

Report 2015-16

Find out our Corporate Social Responsability Report of 2022-2023:

Basic principles of our management

Energetic and






  • We reduce 36% in industrial waste in Borges B1
  • We certify our plantations with  good agricultural practices standards (Global GAP) and we are adhered to the EsAgua platform
  • We are committed to precision agriculture that allows us greater efficiency in the use of resources
  • Bet on almond varieties of Mediterranean origin with a higher content of unsaturated fats and a lower incidence of pests due to their hard shell
  • We favor biodiversity with plant covers on our crops
  • We investigate to give more value to our by-products such as almond shell
  • More than 90% of the electrical energy used in our production centers comes from renewable sources

To know more about…

Learn about the symbiotic relationship between bees and our almond plantations and how they contribute to the preservation of the species

Ethic Code

Our Code of Ethics has been formulated in order to unify and reinforce the identity, culture and behavior patterns of Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts, S.A.

We are convinced that a consolidated culture on shared values enhances our virtues and competencies and favors creating value for all our stakeholders.

Download our Code of Ethics