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Borges focuses on internationalization, sustainability and innovation as growth levers and divests its agricultural division

  • Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts (BAIN) reaches an agreement with Natural Capital Fund, a fund managed by Climate Asset Management, focused exclusively on the management of natural assets in a sustainable manner, to transfer its agricultural activity and thus focus its growth on new business opportunities in the commercial and industrial areas.

26th April 2024.- Borges Agricultural & Industrial Nuts, S.A. (BAIN), the nuts business unit headed by Borges International Group (BIG), has reached an agreement with Natural Capital Fund, a fund managed by the specialized fund manager Climate Asset Management – (CAM), for the sale of its agricultural division, a business that in the last three years has represented 7% of the product marketed by BAIN and 0.8% for the BIG Group as a whole.

Specifically, the transaction entails the divestment of two Spanish companies, located in Extremadura and Granada, and four Portuguese companies, which concentrated their agricultural activity mainly in the production of almonds, walnuts and pistachios.

With this strategic movement, BAIN transfers its agricultural business to centralize its efforts in the industrial and commercial areas that are the core business of BAIN and BIG, focusing on the pillars of innovation, sustainability, internationalization, as well as on the search for new business opportunities that increase value for its consumers, customers, employees, shareholders, and for society as a whole.

Climate Asset Management’s mission is to develop and deliver investment solutions that accelerate the transition to zero net emissions and climate resilient future. It is a specialist investor with an international reputation, a driver of environmental protection as an “Article 9” fund, with a long-term and growth-oriented vision.

Natural Capital Fund will manage the assets through its reference partner, Bolschare Agriculture, which will acquire the management of the agricultural services.

Bolschare Group, a company rooted in Spain and Portugal, will acquire the entire workforce of these companies and, among others, will continue to provide services for the companies acquired by CAM, with whom it already collaborates in other of its projects.

With the signing of the agreement today, the parties formalize the transaction, marking the beginning of a new stage for all of them. The Borges B2B (Business to Business) nuts division will focus on innovation as a growth driver, prioritizing the commercialization of new products and the integration of projects oriented to environmental sustainability, establishing these elements as fundamental pillars of its strategy.

Natural Capital Fund will continue its commitment to the development of environmentally sustainable and responsible plantations in the Iberian Peninsula, where it has become a major player.

Finally, Bolschare will continue to strengthen its growth, incorporating new top-level international projects and consolidating its position as a reference in the Iberian Peninsula.


Commitment to responsible agriculture

BAIN reaffirms its commitment to maintain a responsible supply chain and to establish collaborative synergies with its suppliers, exploring different formulas for this purpose.

In this sense, BAIN will continue with its dissemination project on nature, sustainability and biodiversity, within the framework of the Borges values, through Mas de Colom farm (Lleida, Spain), where the Group’s institutional headquarters are currently located and which, in turn, is the pilot farm of BAIN Pistachio Project, started in 2015. This project is focused on the transmission of the experience acquired by BAIN in pistachio cultivation through vertical cooperation with farmers in the area of Lleida and Bajo Cinca, with the aim of contributing to the improvement and economic development of influence area of the Canal Segarra – Garrigues, as well as other adjacent areas.

Natural Capital Fund and Bolschare, whose investment criteria are focused on protecting biodiversity, enhancing ecosystems, transitioning to zero net emissions and seeking long-term sustainable returns for their investors, will pursue the management of acquired properties in line with their impact objectives and regenerative agriculture principles.