Artois Estate

Artois is a 54.8 ha estate in Sacramento Valley, in the municipality of Artois, Glenn County, California, with recent walnuts plantations (2013 and 2014) and almond plantations (2014). No major almond and walnut production is envisaged until 2021 and 2022, respectively.

Water for the irrigation system is taken directly from our own well, which has sufficient capacity to meet present demand and guarantee future development of the estate.

Artois ha. (%)
Walnut 34,0 61,9
Almond 16,6 30,2
Land Bank(1)
Other(2) 4,3 7,9
Total ha. 54,8 100

(1) Land for future plantations and/or other crops, nursery and afforestation..
(2) Paths, slopes, pastures and other facilities.